Time Project Management & Consultant Services



Newly established with the objective of providing consulting services in different sectors such as building consultancy, agricultural consultancy, etc. in order achieve 

optimum productivity.



B).Marketing, Financial & Management Services.

C).Joint Venture with Other Major Companies in the (BOT).


A). Services

1) Architectural Consulting

2) Project Management

3) Design Management

4) Construction Management

5) Project Control Management

6) Pre-design Management

7) Value Engineering

8) Claims Management & Resolution

9) Estimating

10) Quantity Serving


C).Joint Venture with Other Major Companies in the (BOT).

a) Project Interim of Project Management design and financial support

b) Allocate finance for different projects with our groups.

c) Prepare financial and technical feasibility studies for industrial, commercial, governmental and private sector projects

d) Bringing new ideas in the region / market.

e) Good connection with worldwide technology market and companies.



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Email: - info@time-kw.com