Kuwait Bulgarian International Investment Group Ltd.



Foreign Trade, Export-Import, Re-Export, Barter Transactions, Impresario.




Agency and Representation for local and foreign natural and Juridical persons in Bulgaria and abroad, Restaurant Business, Places of Entertainment, Video Clubs, Discotheques, Cafes, Hairdressing and Cosmetics, Corporate and Advertisement Stores, Secondhand Goods Stores, Sewing, Cutting, Embroidering, Design, Taxi Services, Service Station Activities, Tinsmith’s Services, Painting, Carpenter’s Services, Production, Maintenance and Repair of Electrical and Household appliances, Renting out movable property, Motor Vehicles and Immovable property, Studying Foreign Languages, Translation, Typewriting, Tobacco Products, Production, Purchase, Processing and Sale of Agricultural, Industrial and Animal Products, Goods for the light and alimentary Industry, as well as other activities and Services Authorized by Law.